Maureen Is Like A Money Shrink

When Maureen told me I was going to be receiving her services as part of Project Makeover my first thought was I don’t need help with money, I have no debt. But, about three minutes into the session I was shocked to find I needed and had a money breakthrough! I had no idea I, Kathy Spencer of all people had a money issue that stemmed way way back from childhood. Luckily my “issue” helped me to be who I am today but it also made me realize why I am afraid to spend even when I shouldn’t be. I certainly wasn’t expecting to have an AH HA! moment with Maureen or for the conversation to get so deep. But now I eagerly look  forward to our next one. Maureen is like a money shrink! Who would of known I had all these boundaries that need to be moved. I highly recommend Maureen to anyone and everyone whether you are in debt or financially comfortable she will open your eyes to a whole new world of looking at things! You can’t afford not to hear what she has to say!

Kathy Spencer | How To Shop For Free

Unblocked A Limiting Belief

I just attended Maureen’s workshop.  In the last twenty minutes Maureen was able to unblock some underlying limiting beliefs that I didn’t know that were there that are now going to help me take my business to the next level.  If you want to find out what’s driving you in your business and what your underlying money beliefs are, then work with Maureen.  It was really helpful!

Linda Wisler Luft |  Fire Ball Coaching


Walked Away With Many Ah-ha’s

I just attended Maureen’s Money Workshop and I was really wowed!  As a  personal participant I walked away with many ah-ha’s with my own thoughts about money and being raised by a mom who was a depression child and the messages that I personally carry with me.  If you are thinking about the value Maureen brings to you as you work through the story that you carry with you with money, I can tell you  in a short 30 minute session she has earned my respect, confidence and credibility.  I’m happy that I had the opportunity to see Maureen in action!

Barb Girson | My Sales Tactics

I Feel More In Control

I firmly believe that working with a coach like Maureen is the key to success. Being held accountable and masterminding helped me identify the real reason I was “stuck” in my business. I know I have had a breakthrough using the “Clearing Money Clutter Mini-Course.” In less than 2 weeks I was able to take the principles that Maureen taught me and apply them to clear the clutter in my life so I can make room for all the other things that I desire in my life and business. I do believe that “how you do money is how you do everything.” I feel more in control and look forward to more sessions with Maureen to move me further on my path to success!

Janice Donovan | Market America/Transitions

Had A MAJOR Money Breakthrough

I just attended Maureen’s workshop and in a matter of three minutes Maureen helped me have a MAJOR Money Breakthrough! If you have the opportunity to attend one of Maureen’s workshops or to work with her personally, I highly recommend you do so. Thank you so much, Maureen!

Meredith Liepelt | Rich Life Marketing


Revenue Up 5 Times Over Last Year

Maureen is THE person who helped me through my money mindset issues. I guarantee you will learn lots from her — she is a great leader with more ideas for your business and how to make money than anyone I have ever met. Put it this way: since I have met and worked with Maureen, I have increased the revenue for my business 5x over last year.

Janet Powers | Diva Toolbox

Added More Than $12,000 In New Revenue After I Cleared The Clutter

Wow Maureen,  something amazing is happening with my business!  I have freed up the money clutter and have never been so clear about what I need/want to make so I can finally make and keep more! I signed up several new clients resulting in over $12,000 in new business. For the first time, I actually really have a better handle on my overhead and expenses!  I’m excited to be able be smarter with my money! Thank you for all your help and keeping me focused over last  year!

Tricia Hoyt | Fitness On Wheels

Got Me To Thinking About What I Really Wanted

I have known Maureen since 2004. Not only is she a good friend, but she’s been my coach since I joined her Dare To Be Phenomenal Mastermind Group.

Maureen will push and challenge you. She’ll ask the tough questions. And she’ll get you thinking about what you really want. She’ll work with you to create a plan and hold you accountable to the goals you set for yourself. She’s creative, caring, bold, daring…and phenomenal! As long as you are willing to do the work only you can do, Maureen will help you get there!

Peggy Nolan | The Step Moms Toolbox

Pointed Out Options and Possibilities

I have been working with Maureen for a few months now and have found her insights invaluable! There are many times when Maureen will listen to what I say and then is able to point out the options and possibilities that I may not have seen. With her ability to balance between a “firm touch” and an empathetic understanding of each person, she has helped me to become more decisive and clearer on my goals. I believe Maureen geniunely cares about helping people achieve the goals and dreams that are important to them and will do everything she can to be sure you get there!

Karen Mayer | ACN

Business Shot Up 500%

I’ve been self-employed for a while now as a professional web designer. But by the time Maureen and I started working together, I’d hit a wall. I was working all the time in my web design business and not making enough money. I knew I had to do something, but I couldn’t see a way out.

In our very first session, Maureen showed me exactly where I had been unclear and unfocused in my business, in both money and time. With her support, I set some firm boundaries in a couple of areas and now my thoughts, ideas and actions have changed from chaos to clarity in a matter of months and it is reflected in my business as well as my personal life. Taking control over the situation felt amazing, and it had an immediate effect on my bottom line. Maureen’s coaching and cheering me on uncovered the road to success for me and my business.

Maureen has also helped me think bigger, especially when it comes to my pricing. In the past I had been happy with making ‘just enough’ to cover my costs. After a couple of sessions, I decided to set a much bigger money goal and adjust my fees. To my pleasant surprise I surpassed that goal… and it was actually easy! With Maureen’s help I continue to raise my fees and work on replacing any old money beliefs with fresh new money perspectives that are reflected in my bank account!

I highly recommend Maureen as a business coach; she brings order from chaos and clarity from blur. She has an uncanny ability to get at the blockages that we all have to overcome to focus on our goals and dreams. She helps us reveal to ourselves our talents that we have so we can use them to propel forward personally and professionally. Thank you Maureen for all the guidance and straight talk, you have helped me take my business from Ho Hum to High Income!

Mary-Ellen McAllister | MV Media LLC

She Took Me From A to Z In Record Time

Before working with Maureen, I was frustrated, confused and overwhelmed about how to start my coaching business. Surprisingly, that feeling soon ended. After the first consultation with Maureen, I felt like I was on track. Her NO B.S. attitude was just what I needed to get my business plan together and action steps in place to start making things happen.

Besides being a phenomenal coach, Maureen was my #1 fan. As solid team member of my new business, Maureen was a wealth of helpful information and a direct connection to valuable resources to help me create the foundation to start my business the right way; by working smarter – not harder. I’ve had many coaches in the past, but Maureen by far outshines them all. She took me from point A to Z, in record time. I’m still in awe.

Christie Love | Fab Marketing

Knew What Steps I Needed To Take In My Business

Maureen cares deeply about the success of her clients. I had the privilege of being part of Maureen’s 2009 Mastermind Group. She went above and beyond with me personally and other women business owners in the group, in offering her talents. She has a knack for knowing what changes are likely to help you most with your business, and lasers in on the next steps to make that happen. She is extremely knowledgeable in many areas of entrepreneurship, yet isn’t afraid to admit when she doesn’t know something and points you in the right direction. A consummate networker and relationship builder, Maureen brings a significant cadre of strong contacts and resources to her clients. She walks her talk in every aspect of running her business. I consider myself lucky to have met her, been a participant in her group, and to call her my friend.

Chris Vasiliadis| Priority Wellness

Helped Me Streamline My Marketing Plan

I recently participated in a DARE Strategy Session with Maureen. The time I spent coaching with Maureen was extremely valuable for carrying out my business plan. She helped me streamline my marketing plan and brought many suggestions and strategies to the forefront to help me focus and reach my goals. Now the ball is in my court to carry out the action items I took from our session!”

Pam Channell | Reliv International


You Connect The Dots for Me

Maureen, I love and appreciate how you are always to see what I think of as conflicting views on money and connect the dots for me! You have such a gift and I am grateful to be receiving your wisdom and expertise!

Cheri Valentine | Cheri Valentine


She Helped Me Bust Through My Self Limiting Beliefs

Working with Maureen is incredible! I had been struggling with an issue for years. In just the first coaching session, she helped me bust through my self-limiting beliefs so that I could finally act on the situation. Not being sure of how to communicate this problem, she worked with me to find my voice and to finally have the confidence to have a difficult conversation. The problem was solved and the weight was lifted off of my shoulders. Maureen is a true blessing in my life! I love having her as my coach.

Lori Lewis

She Coached Me To A Solution That Was Always Inside of Me

Working with Maureen has been quite eye opening! I have had so many ah-ha moments that I can feel myself transforming on a regular basis. It has been so great to have a coach help me sort through and challenge my limiting beliefs. Actually, I would say “life altering” because it has become habit for me to challenge self-doubting thoughts almost before they form. With Maureen, I am discovering myself spiritually, authentically, and with confidence. Thank you Maureen!

Maureen’s style of coaching is always challenging and thought provoking without being controlling. She has a knack for coaching you through your issues so that you discover that the solution was always inside of you! She will help you become a better YOU!

Beverly Lees

Thank you so much for sharing yesterday. I will not forget you or your teaching. You have impacted my life. Onward and upward!’

Darlene Marie Pawlick |  Short Money Real Estate

“I want to thank you for the very informative and inspiring presentation you gave to Raytheon Women’s Network (RWN) entitled  “Mediocre or Phenomenal: You Get to Decide”.  I came out of the presentation feeling like I could achieve any goal I set for myself and that I could overcome any obstacle in my path. Your use of humor and personal experience made the talk very engaging.

Our group received a great deal of positive feedback from your talk and another location of RWN heard about the event and would like to have you come and do the same presentation at their location.”

Mary Ellen O’Donnell | Vice President

Raytheon Women’s Network