As women, our sense of self-worth influences our net worth. Coincidentally, the opposite is also true.  When you’ve been flush with money, you probably felt really great—on top of the world, right?  And when the opposite was true, your confidence was probably in the toilet.

They are intricately tied; when your self-worth is low, your finances suffer. On the other hand, when you are confident and empowered, money seems to flow to you easily and effortlessly. Your money is simply a reflection of how much you truly value yourself.

So how do you change it?

For many, 2011 left much to be desired.  If business was slow for you than your ability to adequately save was diminished.  Consequently, I bet your self-worth was on a low.

Well, 2012 is the year to focus on profitability and increasing your income.  As your income increases, so will your self-worth.  Enclosed in the pages of the 2012 Money Success Plan for Women Business Owners are three checklists to help increase your self-worth and bank account—easy and simple ways to achieve both.

As your income grows this year, be mindful of adding to your savings account.  Your path to financial security must include retirement planning, despite your fears of how the market will react.  Building net worth is ultimately more important than just making and spending more.

Remember it’s about Saving, Investing and Spending Wisely!

But you need to take the action. Your results are dependent solely on you. The information is here for you—jam-packed useful information at your disposal. If you’re tired of not making enough money and are ready to step it up in 2012, I urge you to sign-up NOW for your complimentary copy of the 2012 Money Success Plan for Women Business Owners:


You deserve it and you can do it!

To Your Success,

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