How To Shop For

If you’re looking for ways to stretch your hard earned money I suggest you check out

After a medical issue strained their family of six financially, Kathy Spencer began her mission of finding ways to get stuff for free.

I’ve personally taken Kathy’s Coupon Class and apply her methodology to my own purchases. Currently, I save on average $300 a month on groceries and incidentals. Money better saved!

Kathy has discovered the secret to having more of what she wants, for less. And guess what? You, too, can learn how to shop for free and have it all.

Her website is free and open to anyone interested in learning How To Shop For Free.

Maven’ of Savin’ -

Lynn, an engineer, turned pyshics teacher, turned Stay At Home Mom has been reinventing herself for years and now she’s on a quest to save money and help others do the same.

Besides the obvious coupon data base, coupon match ups,  money saving deals and her weekly give away she offers a unique facebook LIVE Chat every Wednesday  evening from 8-9 PM on her facebook page.  Ask Lynn your pressing coupon questions and watch the advice role not only from Lynn but from the Maven’ of  Savin’ fan base.

If you’re looking for great deals and someone to help you make your coupon experience easier the check out Lynn’s site.


POSH On A Budget –

The goal of Posh on a Budget is to inspire anyone to live the “Posh” lifestyle on whatever their budget may be.

Keep in mind that everyone has their own definition of Posh. What may be Posh to one person may not be Posh to another.
Budgets are equally individual as well.
To achieve our goal to inspire anyone to live the “Posh” lifestyle on whatever their budget may be, we focus on a wide variety of “Posh” and a wide variety of budgets. We also like to focus on a wide variety of readers since not everybody is right off the runway or wants to be.

Posh on a Budget is hosted by Editor Ms Posh.

Ms Posh started blogging in 2008 as IamHarriet and now hosts Harriet and Friends.

She is a mother of 2 children and 2 dogs. Ms Posh loves to run with her dogs and does yoga. She has a degrees in Business, Computers, and Nursing. Ms Posh is a Dealing in Style Lifestyle Ambassador and contributes to many online services.