• Financial success starts with personal responsibility.

  • Learn to forgive yourself for your past money mistakes so you can move forward to a better financial future and towards true financial recovery.

  • Learn to match sale items with coupons to save the most money on your purchases. Then use the savings to pay down debt or increase your savings account.

  • If you are a chronic over shopper ask yourself the next time you are tempted to buy if the purchase is going to add anything significant to your life? If the answer is no don’t make the purchase.

  • If money is a tool you use to feel noticed and validated, learn to acknowledge that people love you for your charisma, not your cash!

  • Wishful thinking won’t change your financial circumstances but commitment to reducing debt, saving and investing will.  Are you ready to commit?

  • Keep track of expenses so you have tangible evidence of where best to cut expenses.  Without it it’s just a guessing game.

  • Some people have poor money boundaries often bailing out family members when they are wracked with their own debt. If this is you, support family and friends emotionally instead of financially and pay off your debt first before considering loaning money to others.